#20096 (Bug) Different google chrome colors

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I just calibrated my laptop to srgb web profile, it looks good but i have a problem.

I use lightroom and photoshop for color editing. Every color setting is set to srgb or default. My colors shifting after i export it in photoshop and upload somewhere using web browser. Saving for web doesnt help either.

I can provide any information you may ask

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  1. I can’t vouch for Chrome color management. Use Firefox with gfx.color_management.enbalev4 true and gfx.color_management.mode 1

  2. I dont think its chrome color management problem because i was using phone and another pc to double check aaand my colors are same as exported file

    The main probem is that colors are same before i upload it somewhere. Even jpeg preview showing right color.

    I dont think chrome color management affects uploading images colorwise.

    And if the chrome preview is right, because my phone and other pc show same colors then my notebook is showing wrong color all the way through. That would be true if i dont see difference between photoshop and exported file using notebook right? But they are different.

    The same problem was when i was using 3dlut for color work and there was mismatch between camera raw and photoshop color working space, camera raw was importing as adobe rgb, but 3dlut meant to work in srgb color space. Result – desaturated chrome uploads.

    Is there any way to save file from photoshop avoiding color profile assign? I think that may be the reason.

  3. You have it backwards. If you want to test color management, you need to use applications with known good, working color management as reference (e.g.Photoshop, Firefox, Gimp, anything that uses littlecms). Your phone is not color managed, so it is not suitable as a reference.

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