#15308 (Bug) No such file or directory when profiling Untethered

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Component: ArgyllCMS 2.0.1
Created by RyanH

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Win 7 x64

Unable to locate temp file when profiling. Seems to ignore the save path when set. Only occurs when using the Colormunki Display. Spyder3 works as expected.

DisplayCAL-logs (application/x-gzip | 2019-01-19 00:53:43)

One thought on “No such file or directory when profiling Untethered”

  1. The file isn’t written because the measurement subprocess exits immediately, so the error message is correct in a sense. Make sure the ArgyllCMS binaries (in C:\Users\ryanh\Downloads\Argyll_V2.0.1\bin) are not blocked if you are using a 3rd party antivirus or security solution.

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