#15328 (Bug) Problem with multiple photometers

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by Ulrich Windl

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I have two photometers connected: A Datacolor Spyder 3 and an X-Rite Colormunki Photo. I’m using OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 and DisplayCal 3.5.3.

When i try to calibrate using the Colormunki, Calibration aborts as it seems to read from the Spyder, but expecting the output format of the Colormunki. Summarizing the log:

19:00:17,115 icompath_set_usb ‘/dev/bus/usb/001/011 (Datacolor Spyder3)’ got dctype 0x0

19:00:17,117 icompath_set_usb ‘/dev/bus/usb/001/009 (X-Rite ColorMunki)’ got dctype 0x0

19:20:59,902 icoms_refresh_paths: we now have 2 devices and are about to sort them
19:20:59,902 icompaths_make_dslists ‘/dev/bus/usb/001/011 (Datacolor Spyder3)’ dctype 0x10002
19:20:59,903 icompaths_make_dslists ‘/dev/bus/usb/001/009 (X-Rite ColorMunki)’ dctype 0x10002
19:20:59,903 icoms_refresh_paths: returning 2 paths and ICOM_OK

19:21:02,313 spyd2_setLED: OK, ICOM code 0x0
19:21:02,313 Instrument Type: Datacolor Spyder3
19:21:02,314 Serial Number: 00000000
19:21:02,314 Hardware version: 0x040f
19:21:02,314 Spectral information was requested,
19:21:02,314 but instrument doesn’t support it
19:21:02,314 Spectral information was requested,
19:21:02,315 but instrument doesn’t support it
19:21:02,315 new_disprd failed because config_inst_displ failed

19:21:02,317 dispread: Error – new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’

DisplayCAL (text/plain | 2019-01-20 19:44:15)

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  1. My impression was that DisplayCal calls several Argyll tools in a loop, and each tool in turn does a device discovery and uses the first suitable device it finds (which probably isn’t always the same for some obscure reasons). I also had the impression that the workflow could speed up significantly if the tools would not need to search for the device each time (by specifying the device path, maybe). Especially when measuring several hundred colors…

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