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    Hi, another first try didn’t work topic, but bear with me as I have troubleshooted.

    For background, I have a degree in optometry (optics and eye tests) and I am a PC enthusiast so much of the terminology for colour and settings is already familiar to me, however being a jack of all trades I am master of none: so there will be things I am oblivious to.

    I previously used a BenQ XL2420Z TN panel which I still have as my second screen, the new Acer screen looks very warm and yellow, especially if a white chrome window straddles the monitors.

    I got this Acer XB271hu, reset to factory, brought the brightness down, set to user colour mode and made sure all the black equalizing and game modes were off, got ahold of an xrite i1 displaypro and got onto displaycal for the first time.

    After a usb issue not finding the i1 properly I finally got it going and applied the corrections to both screens individually using the Spectral: LCD White LED correction. I tried this several times with a slight change in the RGB on measurement each time. It still has a marked difference between both monitors. I have started to think I prefer a far colder colour temperature like what is shown on the BenQ, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the Acer screen to get the white… whiter?

    I have tried bringing the colour correction to 6700K compared to 6500K on the BenQ but really do not want to have too much of a difference as it feels like the wrong way to go about this.

    Can someone please give me some steps as to what I may be doing wrong/missed out/dont understand.

    Thank you!


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