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    robca (@robca)
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    I’m just an hobbyist, trying to get my 32″ 4k LG monitor (VA panel) slightly better calibrated to edit pictures and videos. I read the forums, and the universal recommendation is to buy the ColorMunki Display, but at ~$180 is beyond what would make sense for me and a non professional use.

    I found a few mentions of the DTP94 being a still capable device and one that uses glass filters (i.e. less likely to degrade over time), and there are quite a few used DTP94 that can be found for ~$30, a price point  I could easily justify. And, yes, I know I would have to find a white LED color correction matrix to download, but that seems available. I also might be able to rent/borrow a better device, and once I calibrate the monitor with the better device use that as a starting point to get a consistent calibration with the DTP94

    Would I be wasting time and money, or would even an obsolete device like the DTP94 help me achieve better calibration (and consistency over time)?

    Many thanks in advance, Rob

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    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    If you can find a suitable correction for the DTP94 and your display (technology), then the device can still be useful (if it’s in good enough shape physically).


    robca (@robca)
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    This is great, thanks a lot Florian

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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