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    Sebastian Drewett
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    Here’s footage of the phenomenon

    Something seems to be instantly resetting any adjustments I make to my color profile, the exact same happens in windows calibrate display (When I don’t allow NVIDIA to have control) and anything else which adjusts the image. The problem seems to be deep-rooted into windows 10, or I’m just missing a setting and being stupid. I’m new to color calibration!

    It’s almost as if there’s something constantly and automatically adjusting the color to a specific setting.

    almost new install of Windows 10, I haven’t messed around with many settings however on my old version of windows I think there was still this problem.  I’ve shrugged it off until now as I need to calibrate my laptop.

    Computer – Razer Blade Pro 2017 V2 (4k 100% Adobe RGB), however no Razer software.     Screen model – LQ173D1JW33

    Calibrator – Colormunki x-rite

    Would really appreciate any help!


    Florian Höch
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    Please see the FAQ.

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