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    In the DisplayCal Profile Viewer for any DisplayCal generated ICC profile, if I hover over L* 0.88 (my black) it says “L* 0.88 -> R=G=B 0.00” which makes sense to me.

    If I uncheck the L* box for the black it now says “Y 0.0974 -> R 1.63 G 3.51 B 3.30, Gamma R 1.37 G 1.62 B 1.59”, I don’t understand, shouldn’t RGB be 0 at my measured black in the icc profile?

    When I check a Calibrite generated ICC profile it works as expected and at display black it shows RGB is 0 no matter if L* or Y,

    wondering if this is an issue or not?


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    screnshot, profile type, profile itself…. no data.


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    profile type: default settings xyzlut+mtx
    using argyllcms 2.3.1 with i1d3

    screenshots attached
    1) Y
    2) L*
    3) Calibrite profile L*
    4) Calibrite profile Y
    5) Argyllcms 3.0.0 installed, DisplayCal profile viewer trc looks different now

    I also have a new issue, I installed the latest argyllcms version (3.0.0) and now the tone curve looks weird with a linear section near 0 in the profile viewer (same profile as before), also I cant start a calibration it gets stuck on “Setting up the instrument, please wait”, going to revert to 2.3.1 for now

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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