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    Sorry again bothering you vincent and old displaycal user,

    I need 27-32inch 4k adobe rgb and wide gamut monitor.

    I tried already bought asus pa32ucr-k but it’s wrong decision finally return.

    Next target is Eizo cg2700x but it’s quite high price and still feeling wrong decision.

    I’m confusiong cause too much information in this forum and webs.

    Can you suggest right way? My monitor will using

    1,color grading for adobe rgb actual print

    2.color grading on Davinchi desolve video.

    Pls guide to me right way. too many false guide on web!


    Kuba Trybowski
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    You can’t go wrong with the CG 2700X.

    In terms of color accuracy, it has no direct competitior and is second only to the CG 319X.

    The CG 2700X even has a true hardware 3D LUT.


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    The 1st choice would be Kuba’s.

    The cheaper option would be CS2740 (27″ UHD) but it its likely that you’ll get a 800:1 contrast display, although with perfect color uniformity (<2dC) with compensation off and typical brightness drop on corners (-10 %) but no color tint across screen with unifomity conensation off. NO LUT3D but lut-matrix HW calibration, you can run LUT3D on GPU on Resolve. 24p Support on HDMI, etc
    ~1500 euro

    Lowering your standards there are plenty P3 only  displays with no HW calibration and reasonable chances to get good color uniformity (dC), for example PD series on Benq or PA on Asus (beware that Asus mixes in the same PA series, good sRGB monitors, reasonable quality P3 displays and awful bad quality AdobeRGB+P3 displays… you’ll haveto check one by one the models). ~600 euro
    You can get LUT3D calibration in GPU by Resolve LUT3D engine and for Photoshop/ICC color managed apps with DWMLUT running of GPU shaders with dithering (no banding)

    Another alternative is to give up o UHD and downgrade to QHD. In that situation the best model fr each buck is CS2731, HW cal, 1000-1100:1, perfect color uniformity wiith compensation off (<2dC) and typical brightness drop on corners (-10%), 24p support on HDMI FullHD, etc.

    BenQ SW modes have low quality and uniformity issues, or destoyed contrast (to fix uniformity), or issues with color tint on greys after calibration. You can see in this forum first hand experiences with them.
    Asus PA series with AdobeRGB green have the same issues but IMHO its calibration software is worse than latest Benq Palette Master Ultimate (+ enhanced gamma calibration option).

    Giving up AdobeRGB green for almost P3 green limits you to see printable offset cyan and some green-turqoises, mostly fabrics and clothes.
    Giving up UHD limits you to downscaled UHD to QHD or upscaled FullHD content to QHD.
    Giving up contrast give you a little washed blacks, do not attempt Rec1886 TRC, aim for relative/black lifted 2.4 power law. Even with a CG2700X/CG319X do not aim for Rec1886 TRC.
    Maybe you can give up some of these constraints….

    Kuba’s recomendation is the state of the art display but is expensive. Giving up some constrains you have the models I listed to you.

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