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    I don’t know what’s happened, but some times ago I did a madVR 3dLUT on a Panasonic IPS tv and all went good on W10 with Intel integrated gfx.

    I had to slightly change my R-Gain to +1 and B-Gain to -1 to get perfect whitepoint on a Professional1 profile.

    Now I’m trying to make the same thing on a Pana OLED, but I get very big offsets! Like: R-Gain=-25, G-Gain=-6, B-Gain=+21 on Pro2!!

    I tried also a nVidia card on the OLED and it’s similar: R-Gain=-24, G-Gain=-6, B-Gain=+20

    I tried again the Intel gfx on the IPS Pana tv and I can’t get a whitepoint correct (delta=8 with R-Gain=-30, G-Gain=-17, B-Gain=+4)

    Really absurd!

    I would exclude the id3 because I tried on a Blackmagic decklink card that bypasses the OS out of Resolve and there I had only to slightly correct the R-Gain =+1.

    So, I think it could be something screwed in Windows (having used both Intel and nVidia cards) or in madVR (but I reinstalled it from scratch…)… or what else??

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    I tried an HDMI out from laptop with W10 and I got normal R-G-B gain settings, such R=+1, G=+1, B=-2, so this confirms there is some problem in the other Win10 pc…

    Any idea what could be wrong and how to solve it? TIA


    Florian Höch
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    It’s hard to know what’s wrong from afar, not sitting directly at the affected machine. Try if you have the same problems when not using madVR.


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    Yes, I got same even without madVR.

    I got a deltaE=20 with all tv settings at default!


    I found out what it was! I had installed f.lux, then, for calibration and color correction I removed it from launching at windows boot. Maybe something went wrong with this… but I forgot it. Now I remembered and tried to relaunch f.lux: solved!!

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