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    Oskari Oksman
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    I’ve been running calibrations, measurements, profilings etc non stop last 3 days and I can’t get.. results?

    Profiles have different measurements with the exact same result. For example I have one profile for Cintiq pro and it’s 99,9%srbg coverage. Then I created another calibration+profile for the same screen and this time it got onlu 89% srbg. However when I swap between these two profiles I see absolutelu no change in anything. Then I run measurements through berification using simulation profile, comparing against srbg. I get max delta e reading over 10, that’s no good right?

    Funny thing is earlier today I measured the 99,9%srbg profile multiple times with near perfect readings. A few hours later same profile with same setting measures VERY different.

    Whole thing starting to feel more like rng generator.  No way of knowing what to trust at this point.


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    -We do not see your reports.
    -Window desktop is not color managed, you will only see changes in grey calibration
    -Inspect resuling ICC profiles with DisplayCAL app to see ICCs. Take a look on TRC, calibration curves and gamut.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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