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    I currently own a Spyder 3 Pro, and ever since upgrading to Windows 10, I’m using it with DisplayCAL – great software!  Already donated 🙂  Anyway, I recently managed to get a good deal on a Spyder 5 Pro (less than $100), but it’s currently still sitting on my desk, unopened.  I am tempted to just sell it.  Do you think I will see any noticeable quality differences regarding the calibration?  I don’t care much about speed.  I found a bunch of articles online (including this one that makes it sound like all Spyders are pretty atrocious) but am curious how big the difference would be when using DisplayCAL.  Can anyone say?

    Am I OK to continue with my cheap and cheerful Spyder 3?  Or should I try and get a ColorMunki instead?


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    You should seriously consider upgrading to a new device. Main reason is the degradation in filters inside our colorimeters(no matter what is the brand), and consequently having incorrect measurements.

    One plausible solution that would involve keeping your trusty spyder 3 is to make a meter correction with a spectrometer if you could find access to one.

    I would personally advice going for colormunki display, instead of spyder. It seems to have much, much higher chance of everything being all right compatibility, accuracy and connection vise.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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