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    Effectively so, and almost technically so, the same model — that is.

    I’m sharing because it’s shocking how much variance there is between the monitors, and others may find this interesting. One (600W_1) has substantially higher contrast ratio.

    I included two reports for the 650W. The first one is with the color temp that dispcal told me to use. The second is after I adjusted it by eye to match my middle monitor more closely. Ironically, dispcal’s report shows the colors with my eye-adjustment to be more accurate.

    There are two LG-27UK600W and one LG-27UK650W.

    I used the 11,140 color patch option for my calibrations.

    I saved the best for last: the monitor with the highest contrast ratio (600W_2). And I don’t believe it’s a measurement error. First, I’ve re-measured multiple times. Second, scenes really do appear to have more contrast.

    Note that there’s one thing that I did differently, by accident. I sent the 600W_2 to 2.2 instead of sRGB.  Let me know if this has a significant affect on anything, please.

    I hope to add a similar post soon, with my triple VA monitors; they’re all (completely) the same model.

    Thoughts on the variance between my monitors? Suggestions for improving my calibrations?

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