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    What would be the best practice to calibrate the AUO B140QAN02.0 of my ThinkPad X1Y3?

    Especially what would be the best .edr or .ccss correction for this panel (using an i1DisplayPro)?

    If I understood this right, I’d have to set a brightness level, leave it and then calibrate it. Then leaving the brighness at the set level after calibration or otherwise calibration would be worthless, right? Or maybe calibrate for each of the 10 brighness levels the ThinkPad offers and choose the calibration files accordingly?

    I also was digging into dithering on my Intel HD620. There’s a tool (called ditherig, yes ditherig) that can disable dithering on some Intel GPU’s:

    I had success on disabling dithering and therefore got rid of that inherent banding my display showed.

    Furthermore I hacked my Bios to enable 24bit PanelColorDepth (default 18bit) . So this panel shows now 16.7M colors, which I think is important for a calibration.

    Intels GPU LUT only offers 8bit right?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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