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    Egor S.
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    Hi guys, Hi Florian,

    I am not able to install display profiles which are made with the latest displayCal version 3.8.4 and I had some issues with 3.8.3 also.

    The following error message occurs: “The profile could not be installed/activated”

    The problem remains even after rebooting and recalibration.

    I don’t know if this is the Windows 10 1903 bug. Unfortunately this is the Windows version I have installed.

    I tried to install the mentioned KB4501375 update. As the update center does not find any updates, I downloaded the .msu file manually. But I can’t install it. I get the following error message: “This update is not suited for your computer”. Maybe it’s already installed?

    Rebooting does not help.

    It is interesting that I still can install older profiles which are made with DisplayCAL 3.7.1, without any problems. Moreover I can install matrix profiles for my second monitor, which are made with DisplayCAL 3.8.3.

    I have attached the profile which I cannot install to this post.

    My System:

    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Intel Core I5-2500K

    AMD Radeon HD 6570

    8GB RAM

    If more information is required, please ask for it.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Florian Höch
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    the attached profile in question is an XYZ LUT profile, without fallback matrix tags. Such profiles are OK for creating 3D LUTs, but they cannot be installed on Windows, as the latter mandates matrix tags. Change the profile type back to the default “XYZ LUT + matrix” and re-create the profile (menu “File” -> “Create profile from measurement data…” -> choose existing profile).


    Egor S.
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    Thank you so much, Florian.

    I didn’t know that. After changing the profile type to XYZ LUT + matrix, I was able to install the profile without any problems.

    That’s great!

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