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    Jae Ho Choi (@jae-ho)
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    What would be the most ideal calibrator in a typical situation?

    spyder(1~5) or Xrite (i1 or color munki)?


    Vincent (@vincent)
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    If typical means under $2000:

    -i1DisplayPro if you are going to use now or in the near future a monitor with HW calibration. If you are going to measure a huge measurement of patches for video LUT3D, it’s speed is worthly of the price.

    -Colormunki Display if above conditions do not apply. It’s accurate and it’s cheaper but it’s slower and you cannot use it with most/all HW calibration solutions.

    -one of the above colorimeters + one Xrite spectrophotometer (i1Studio or better an i1Pro2) for measuring most backlights accurately. Take a reference (spectral or coordinates) with the spectrophotometer, the measure with colorimeter corrected with that reference. Not all software supports this “spectrophotometer-colorimeter matching”. DisplayCAL does.
    This is 3x-10x more expensive than some of the previous solutions.

    ColorMunki Display on Amazon   i1Display Pro on Amazon   i1Studio on Amazon   i1Basic Pro 2 on Amazon  
    Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


    Wayne Hua (@wayne-hua)
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    One colorimeter, i1 display pro

    one spectrometer, i1 studio

    use i1 studio to creat correction  matrix for i1 display pro, then use i1 display pro to do the measuring.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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