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    Andrei Z
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    I calibrated the Dell P2715Q monitor yesterday on my Macbook Pro 2020 running Catalina. Initially I used single curve + matrix default profiling preset, but then tried XYZLUT + matrix and got a warning that Apple CMM doesn’t support it, only apps that do their own color management do.

    So, should I create separate profiles, one with single curve + matrix to use generally and then an XYZLUT + matrix one to use when working with Adobe and other apps?


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    First of all validate 1curve+matrix profile in measurement report. It validates how closely profile predicts calivrated screen. Do not use simulation profiles or sometning like that, just validate display profile.

    Result OK? end. 1curve+matrix is enough

    Result not OK?
    -in grey, bad a*b* range or something like that => slower calibration speed should improve things. Back to start.
    -mismatch inside “simplified colorspace” decribed by mtx profile => XYZLUT may help. Fast switch in macos control panel before opening color critical apps, ignore color issues on Apple apps while using this. After working with color critica app, set old simple mtx profile for desktop use.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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