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    Lukas Kunzmann
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    Hey guys,

    Hope I can find some help here, after 2 days and nights of trying to get this working.

    I calibrated my monitor (LG 31MU97) with DisplayCAL (i1 Display Pro) to Gamma 2.4 (no BT.1886, which gives me lifted blacks) with a white level of 120 cd/m² and Rec709 white point.

    Up to this point everything works as expected.

    So now I want to calibrate my GUI viewer in Resolve with a 3D LUT, which I will put in the “3D Color Viewer LookUp Table” slot.  I am following the instruction of “3D LUT creation workflow for Resolve” except using a 2.4 Gamma instead of BT.1886 / 2.4 (BT.1886 gives me lifted blacks).

    After the process I get a LUT. But after loading the LUT into the “”3D Color Viewer LookUp Table” my viewer image is too desaturated. On other color managed video players the saturation looks correct, only Resolve looks to desaturated.

    The only workaround which gives me saturation like in other applications is using the Rendering Intent “Saturation” when creating the LUT. But I am afraid it will distort hues and luma.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you so much!


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    Lukas Kunzmann
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    Okay, solved it by myself. Just for the record:

    The problem was the LG 31MU97 was in a wider gamut than Rec709(sRGB). Changing the mode to sRGB and recalibrating everything fixed the problem. GUI viewer is now identical to other programs.



    Florian Höch
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    Note that on a wide gamut display, it’s a bit counter-productive to limit the gamut via the display’s own hardware means – ideally you ant to have the full gamut available for profiling. Non color managed applications will not match color managed ones obviously, but the “desaturation” you observed was the correct result (gamut is limited by the 3D LUT instead of the monitor itself).


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    I think Florian has a point. I don’t think you want to use any of the built in “modes” (sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3 Emiulation, etc). The first step of the DisplayCal process has you adjust the brightness and basic R G and B color settings, which will put you in “Custom” mode. Then you select the color space you want to calibrate to, sRGB, Rec709 etc in DisplayCal? Granted I’ve never tried anything besides sRGB on my 31MU97 monitors.

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