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    Hi all,

    I have a quick question for calibratting my LG OLED 65C7 with madVR.

    Do i have to enable HDR on madTPG and let my TV switch to HDR mode ?

    Because if i do that i get an “Error – dispd -> read returned error code 3” …

    But if i do not, the calibration goes fine however my TV do not switch to HDR so i don’t think the BT.2020 calibration 3DLUT file will be accurate when i watch HDR content

    Thanks for the help.


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    So I have made some tests

    I have measured with no HDR in REC709 and the calibration went well. I get pretty good results (file Measurement Report — madVR — 2020-02-15 09-09)

    Now I have also measured with HDR and I found if I choose my display (in fact, not my display but my receiver because my HTPC is connected first to my receiver and DisplayCal is not detecting my display) and I switch HDR mode with madTPG I could make a calibration however it is using DisplayCal for pattern generator instead of madTPG. And with that way the results are really bad (file Measurement Report — NAD T758 @ 0, 0, 3840×2160 — 2020-02-15 09-18)

    I have also attached 2 logs :

    • DisplayCAL1.log
      This log is the “Error – dispd -> read returned error code 3″ I get if I enable HDR on madTPG and then I launch a calibration
    • DisplayCAL2.log
      This is the “Lost sync with the pattern generator” error I get if I launch calibration I wait the option to start measurement, then I enable HDR on madTPG and I click on “start measurement”

    I am really confused what I did wrong.

    Should I try to connect my display directly to my HTPC without my receiver ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    EDIT :

    In case that help, my config :

    Display: LG65C7
    Receiver: NADT758v3
    HTPC: Win10, i7-6700k, 16GB RAM, GPU 1050Ti
    MadVR version madVRhdrMeasure40
    calibration made with X-RITE i1Display Pro attached to a USB2.0 port

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    Florian Höch
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    You have to enable HDR on madTPG before starting measurements. I.e. launch madTPG, enable HDR, then launch DIsplayCAL. Note that HDR calibration is not well supported by TVs, because their internal processing can mess up the calibration, and light output isn’t stable.

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