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    Hi all,

    I have a quick question for calibratting my LG OLED 65C7 with madVR.

    Do i have to enable HDR on madTPG and let my TV switch to HDR mode ?

    Because if i do that i get an “Error – dispd -> read returned error code 3” …

    But if i do not, the calibration goes fine however my TV do not switch to HDR so i don’t think the BT.2020 calibration 3DLUT file will be accurate when i watch HDR content

    Thanks for the help.


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    So I have made some tests

    I have measured with no HDR in REC709 and the calibration went well. I get pretty good results (file Measurement Report — madVR — 2020-02-15 09-09)

    Now I have also measured with HDR and I found if I choose my display (in fact, not my display but my receiver because my HTPC is connected first to my receiver and DisplayCal is not detecting my display) and I switch HDR mode with madTPG I could make a calibration however it is using DisplayCal for pattern generator instead of madTPG. And with that way the results are really bad (file Measurement Report — NAD T758 @ 0, 0, 3840×2160 — 2020-02-15 09-18)

    I have also attached 2 logs :

    • DisplayCAL1.log
      This log is the “Error – dispd -> read returned error code 3″ I get if I enable HDR on madTPG and then I launch a calibration
    • DisplayCAL2.log
      This is the “Lost sync with the pattern generator” error I get if I launch calibration I wait the option to start measurement, then I enable HDR on madTPG and I click on “start measurement”

    I am really confused what I did wrong.

    Should I try to connect my display directly to my HTPC without my receiver ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    EDIT :

    In case that help, my config :

    Display: LG65C7
    Receiver: NADT758v3
    HTPC: Win10, i7-6700k, 16GB RAM, GPU 1050Ti
    MadVR version madVRhdrMeasure40
    calibration made with X-RITE i1Display Pro attached to a USB2.0 port

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