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    I recently made a profile with DispCal for my BenQ M2400HD monitor which seems to work quite well. However I am seeking help to understand the different tags in the profile. There are the rXYZ, gXYZ and bXYZ tags which are used to derive an inverse matrix to convert from XYZ space to the monitor color space.  There are also the three trc’s and several tags with cLUT’s. I believe the B2An tags are the ones that would be used in the conversion from XYZ to monitor RGB. Also in the B2An tags, there is a matrix embedded (a non unity matrix). My questions are

    I assume that a matrix needs to be used as a first step in converting from XYZ to the monitor space but which matrix is used, the  one from the r g and b XYZ primaries or the one embedded in the cLUT?

    Or is it an either/or situation where the first matrix only is used or the cLUT with it’s embedded matrix is used? And how does the user software know how to use the profile?

    Thanks for any enlightenment. I have attached a copy of the profile.


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