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    Hi. I’m very beginner in this area but trying to calibrate one display for color correction/grading reference.

    I’m using Xrite i1 colorimeter, monitor LG 32UD59 on Windows 10.

    I made a couple tests with fast measurements to train and learning a bit more of software and the whole process, and now i got stuck in white point issue.

    At my first test, with monitor reset to factory (and disabled all post process), my white point was looking orange/warm on eye, even though on RGB manual calibration on very beginning of process said it’s ok (3 RGB bars aligned).
    Setting was:
    Mode: LCD Generic
    Correction: LCD White LED family (AC,LG..)
    Whitepoint: As measured

    In the end of the process, my white point still extra warm.

    Then i made a few tests with “whitepoint manual color temperature”, takes a bit different result, but still very warm.

    At this point i tried to manually set my white point by eye the most pure white possible with monitor settings, but the RGB bars never align, even though i can see its clearly white (or closer to that, but, much better than factory default).

    So, on calibration settings tab, i tried “visual whitepoint editor” and reached the perfect calibration on RGB, but i dont know if it’s the correct path, looks like i tricked the process.
    In this last measurament, all set for slowest.

    My measuramente log point to “Measured vs. assumed target whitepoint”

    Any thought?


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    It looks like 32UD59 is not sRGB but something P3-like. Hence it is not a White LED, it’s something else. Typically these multimedia P3 displays use WLED PFS phosphor backlights.
    Corrections are bundled with DisplayCAL for i1d3 colorimeter. Choose 95% P3 Panasonic VVX CCSS colorimeter correction as stating point if there is not user made CCSS in colorimeter corrections database.

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