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    Алексей Коробов
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    Dear Florian, Vincent and the team,

    You already know that I upload sometimes ccss corrections to database. But I still don’t understand your LCD panel classification, and there’s no way to change or delete my corrections if they’re wrong. We also have doubles that confuse users. We see fresh disputes on lighting types. Clear information is needed, spectral graphs are appreciated. I add LCD panel type list out from DisplayCAL. Some graphs are attached, including home LED bulb and Philips CCFL tube for Heidelberg press.

    LCD CCFL Wide Gamut
    LCD White LED
    LCD RG phosphorus LED
    LCD GB-r-LED

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    -I’m not part of the team, just user to user support
    -As many other parts of ArgyllCMS/DisplayCAL/HCFR is up to user choose proper correction/configuration.
    -Also its contributor’s responsibility to measure their displays with an i1Pro/munki at native gamut, 3nm is advised, and the whole system is based on bona fide contributions (not fake uploads or vandalization like somebody in the past cloning a LG GB-LED as a 32″ widegamut SW Benq)

    Regarding your request, IMHO:
    -all double red spikes should be labeled by CCSS contributor as PFS, but that implies always using 3nm for CCSS, otherwise they go unnoticed.
    -all non PFS widegamut with very wide red peak to be labeled GB-r led variant
    -all non PFS widegamut with red peak as wide as G or B to be labeled as QLEDs we see in samsung TVs (included in DisplayCAL) or some Benq or Asus displays (user contributions)
    -Common WLED (sRGB) are easily spotted by SPD, such broad G & R hills, no way to be widegamut.

    But they are just labels… SPD plot is the important stuff. From my user perspective..  I don’t care about label used by contributior, I just care about 3nm res and native gamut CCSS.  For me all other is accesory

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    I’m having trouble finding the display type for some monitors periodically. What do you recommend as the best way to figure out what type of light is used? Since it is not always listed by the manufacturer (they often just say LED). (This is a general question, not about any one specific monitor)



    Алексей Коробов
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    Better to build “quick” ICC profile with some predicted correction and evaluate display’s gamut for color limits. Vincent described this method in other theme. Link is desired here.

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