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    I’ve been trying to calibrate an OLED TV (which I use as computer monitor) with DisplayCal and a Spyder 5. The TV is  an LG B6V.

    The issue is that no matter what settings I use (on the tv or displaycal) I end up with a profile that makes the shadows too bright (judging by visually comparing images to other displays). This also results in the gradient from shadows to full black be too steep which looks bad. The problem is visible in color managed programs such as Lightroom. Non-color managed programs that only use the GPU gamma table actually look ok.

    After having tried so many settings, I suspect that the Spyder 5 might not be good enough at reading the near-black levels on an OLED display. If this is the case, is there something I can do to manually compensate for it (already tried the different white level/black level/black point correction settings without success) or am I just better off running without calibration? Can I make displaycal to ONLY use the GPU gamma curves without a display profile?

    The output range in GPU settings is “full” and black level on the TV is set to “high” which (as far as I know) should be the matching settings.

    I don’t need a “professional quality” result but I’d like to match other displays reasonably well while still enjoying the true blacks of the OLED.

    Attached one profile for example.

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    Nobody else having the same issues?


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    What do you want to do with that TV?

    For TV shows or bluray players the resulting ICC will have little use.
    Use “HCFR” application (like DisplayCAL, relies on ArgylCMS), try to fix Rec709 gamut in its CMS mode, fix grey measuring IREs in CMS mode and if expeceted Spyder5 is behaving so bad, skp those very dark IREs or ignore L* in them and try to visually correct a* b* values if Spyder readings do not match what you see.

    If you had an i1d3 you have to proceed in the same way for TV content, fix settings on TV using its CMS.

    If you want to use that OLED as PC monitor for color managed apps, after that preconditioning you can run DisplayCAL, calibrate grey and get a detailed ICC profile for color managed apps or as source for a LUT3D. It is possible that for that last work you want to keep native gamut in TV CMS mode. For SDR games you will need to ger Rec709 on TV CMs first, like with TV content.

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