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    bobbyjones SourceForge
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    Using DispcalGUI I cannot import colorimeter corrections for my Colormunki Display on osx 10.10.5

    Selecting auto times out and gives me “No colorimeter corrections could be imported”

    I’ve looked everywhere for how to find corrections file on my computer to use but I’ve had to post here to see if I could get help… Thanks in advance!

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    Florian Höch
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    Try to download the i1Profiler installer manually (for the purpose of colorimeter correction import download the i1Profiler setup executable for Windows):


    Then use “Select file” in dispcalGUI’s “Import colorimeter correction” dialog.


    bobbyjones SourceForge
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    Thanks for the reply Florian,

    I downloaded i1ProfilerSetup.exe and I have the same error:

    “No colorimeter corrections could be imported.”

    Just pointing out that I am on a Mac to be sure that’s clear.

    This is a new Macbook Pro 13″ early 2015 I am trying to set up. I remember I was required to use the ColorMunki Display.pkg at some point in the installation on my last Macbook. It’s greyed out when I try to select it now.

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    Florian Höch
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    Please attach a log directly after the failed import.


    bobbyjones SourceForge
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    Sorry, what log would you like me to attach?


    Florian Höch
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    See the ReadMe for logfile location. The dispcalGUI.log should be enough in this case. Or you could save the log (only for this session) from the “Tools” menu (“Show log”).


    bobbyjones SourceForge
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    20:42:33,571 dispcalGUI.pyw 2015-08-10T01:24:37.724487Z
    20:42:33,573 Mac OS X 10.10.5 x86_64
    20:42:33,574 Python 2.7.10 (default, Jul 14 2015, 19:46:27)
    20:42:33,575 [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 6.0 (clang-600.0.39)]
    20:42:33,575 wxPython osx-cocoa (classic)
    20:42:33,576 Encoding: UTF-8
    20:42:33,577 File system encoding: utf-8
    20:42:33,578 Starting up…
    20:42:33,578 Audio module: pyglet 1.2.2
    20:42:33,579 /Users/bobbyjones/Documents/=software/=Monitor Calibration/Monitor
    20:42:33,580 Calibration/Argyll_V1.7.0/bin
    20:42:33,580 Initializing GUI…
    20:42:33,581 …ok.
    20:42:33,582 Ready.
    20:42:33,772 Setting up scripting host at
    20:42:33,774 Check for application update…
    20:42:34,609 dispcalGUI is up-to-date.
    20:42:50,084 ————————————————————————————————————————
    20:42:50,086 Working directory:
    20:42:50,087 /
    20:42:50,088 var/
    20:42:50,089 folders/
    20:42:50,090 vg/
    20:42:50,091 _0x32ln16_12g_qgkd7dtqnr0000gn/
    20:42:50,092 T/
    20:42:50,093 dispcalGUI-WxV0B4/
    20:42:50,095 Command line:
    20:42:50,097 oeminst
    20:42:50,099 -v
    20:42:52,335 ————————————————————————————————————————
    20:42:52,336 Working directory:
    20:42:52,337 /
    20:42:52,338 Users/
    20:42:52,345 bobbyjones/
    20:42:52,347 Downloads/
    20:42:52,349 Command line:
    20:42:52,351 oeminst
    20:42:52,352 -v
    20:42:52,353 i1ProfilerSetup.exe


    Florian Höch
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    Seems oeminst is exiting prematurely without any output. Try with Argyll CMS 1.8 which was just released.


    bobbyjones SourceForge
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    It worked!

    Thanks! The X-Rite software always leaves my monitors looking too warm. DispcalGUI is just perfect 🙂

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