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    Hello guys , i own a PG35VQ and a iDisplay pro Plus calorimeter.

    My monitor feels that it was calibrated wrong from factory , theres a strange green tint in shades of grey in both SDR and HDR mode.

    This issue is getting completely fixed once i calibrate for Tone curve , i have tried to calibrate my monitor on sdr for gamma 2.2 with wide gamut on  and fald off (then turn wide gamut for sdr off after calibration) , which provides a perfect result for SDR and also fixes the green tint in HDR but now i get black crush in HDR movies. For Gaming using this profile is completely fine as i can adjust the gamma within games and looks so much better than default.

    From what i measured from Displaycal’s report it seems that when i turn on the Fald or even when i enable HDR within windows the gamma gets darker , i get a value of 2.19 for SDR fald off , about 2.28 for SDR fald on and 2,3 for HDR on (fald is always on for hdr).  I also tried to calibrate for bt1886 but it actually seems darker.

    Is there a specific tone curve that i should be calibrating for HDR? Or maybe i should just create a second profile and calibrate for a lower gamma like 2.00-2.05 ?


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    HDR mode in most display is as is. Since it is a full colorspace translation from Rec2020PQ input to panel capabilities modifying something may distort that factory made translation in unprecitable way.

    Forget to have user made HDR calibration for all kind of displays unless display has a toolkit/vendor app that allows to measure native display capabilities with HDR backlight on and “HDR translator” off.

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