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    I read that matrix calibrations are not possible with a colorimeter /  tristumulus values. This does not make sense to me.

    When you use a spectroradiometer as a reference for a matrix calibration you’ll get also “only” tristimulus values. I used an Admesy spectroradiometer to measure RGB and white (as a reference)  and wanted to create a correction matrix for my DTP94. But this was not possible. 🙁

    I know needed to use a workaround and calculate the correction matrix “by hand” and change the value of a ccmx-file directly. That worked finally, but was more tedious than I hoped… 😉

    I would appreciate if in the future also XYZ values can be used as a reference. This will also be usable in situations where at one point you had a correction matrix for a colorimeter and now want to match additional (different) colorimeters to that one colorimeter.

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