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    Wayne Hua (@wayne-hua)
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    Hi, I have a ASUS PA32UC (1000 nits when HDR enable)

    I calibrated and profiled PA32UC in SDR enviornment.  I also created a SDR 3d lut for madVR for watching SDR movie.  Everything is OK and smooth.

    But when it comes to HDR “world”, I’m a little bit confused…  What is the process of creating HDR 3d lut for madVR?

    Here is what I did, but I think I was wrong.  Cause the result isn’t good…

    1. Turn HDR mode on in Win 10 display setting.
    2. Open DisplayCAL and select “Video 3D LUT for madVR HDR” preset.
    3. Uncheck “Interactive display adjustment” in Calibration section, since no OSD setting can be changed when HDR is active for PA32UC.
    4. Leave Profiling section  as default.
    5. In 3D LUT, I leave everything as default (BT 2020, SMPTE 2084 roll off, 50%, 50%, 0-10000 nits…), except I change Target peak luminescence to 1500 nits instead of default 480 nits
    6. Then I click start buttom.  When it was all over, I got a 3dlut file, I put it in madVR BT 2020 in “tone map HDR using external 3DLUT”.

    Is this process correct?


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    profiling a display in HDR mode will likely not give good results because the display will do its own HDR processing (and employ aggressive auto-dimming/ASBL/power-saving which will negatively affect any measurements). The only work-around is to profile the display in SDR mode, but then you won’t get the high HDR peak luminance.


    Wayne Hua (@wayne-hua)
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    Thank you Florian!  Then I think I have to “trust” my monitor in HDR mode , rather than try to profile it… XD

    Maybe nowadays the best way to enjoy HDR is getting a high end OLED TV such as LG C9 this year (based on the introduction in CES 2019, the LG OLED this year will have build in pattern generator.  And support uploading custom HDR tone mapping when using Calman.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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