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    I don’t know if I’m being dumb or what’s happening.

    My M1 Max Macbook Pro 16″ will not let me activate the custom profiles generated by DisplayCal and i1Display Pro, running macOS Monterey 12.6. It hasn’t been an issue earlier as far as I remember.

    When installing them from DisplayCal nothing happens. Yet I find the .icc profile in the ColorSync/Profiles folder but it’s greyed out when trying to import it on the Mac’s display. My external display has no issues importing.

    What’s happening?

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    Verify default behavior against DisplayP3 and correct white (if needed) using built in calibration based on custom preset and actual whotepoint readings.
    It’s built in Apple’s preferences, google how ti do it. You can use DisplayCAL to get native white coordinates.

    It works this way. if R,G&B primaries are fixed by WLED PFS tecnology, grey is neutral and gamma is known due to QC, if you take a white point reading… you actually have a single-curve-matrix porfile equivalent and can predict all colors in gamut. Hence you can predict a set of RGB Gains (even for GPU and no actual HW calibration) that matches D65 or D50.
    Same for sRGB primaries emulation.
    This only works if primaries are know (sure they know) and QC is high enuogh to trust grey to be neutral in color to native white and had some target gamma.


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    Aha. Thank you! I will try that 🙂

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