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    I only do still imaging. Not video.

    I think I am getting confused by the terminology. In my background, an ICC profile contains a 3D LUT (red, green, and blue are the three dimensions). But I think in DisplayCal the term LUT is meant to represent a video LUT which I think is different. And the Single Curve is what I am familiar with as the three curves for a normal ICC v2 Profile.

    Is that correct?

    Or is it the Curves (meaning r,g,b?) that I should use?
    Curves+Matrix is my best guess, but I would appreciate some help with the terminology.

    Thank you!

    I am asking which is the correct profile type for photography and an ICC v2 or ICC v4 profile?


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    1D LUT => VCGT 1D calibration for grey loaded into GPU, an optional part of an ICC profile
    TRC => Tone response curve, grey behavior after calibration stored in profile

    curves + Matrix => 3 independent TRC (grey behavior) + matrix (gamut)
    curve + Matrix => 3 equal TRC (grey behavior supposed to be perfectly neutral color to its whitepoint) + matrix (gamut)
    XYZLUT => 3 independent TRC (grey behavior) + table (mapping gamut for several input RGBs), akin to you 3d naming

    If display is well behaved and your photo editing app has issues with rounding errors while color transfromations (GIMP, Photoshop without working 10bit mode working with 8bit file, Illustrator, Indesign…), single curve + matrix minimizes those issues BUT your display should be well behaved (a single curve+matrix has to be a good description of it = very low dE validating it)
    LR, Capture One or AdobeCameraRaw do not have such issues thanks to dithering.

    If your display is not well behaved you should choose lesser evil: 1curves-matrix vs XYZLUT


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    Thank you for clarifying!

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