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    betazoid (@betazoid)
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    is there a good (as simple as possible yet reliable) way to load/apply up to two screen profiles (to 2 screens) resp. set one as default profile in Xfce? I only know about xcalib, but apparently the program does not care about the profiling data, so applications such as Darktable still do not know which profile to use (as far as I know it is not possible to set the screen profile in Darktable, it automatically detects the profile that was set by the OS/desktop environment). Setting profiles is simple in Gnome/KDE/Cinnamon but apparently not in Xfce.

    Thanks in advance



    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    if you install the profiles through DisplayCAL, there’s nothing additional to be done. The profile loader will take care of it (at login). XFCE simply lacks a nice graphical tool that shows the associations (although you could probably install the Gnome color applet somehow).


    betazoid (@betazoid)
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    Thanks for the answer.

    Everything appears to be ok now. However, when I install a profile with Displaycal, I get the message that you can see in the screeshots. When I took the second screenshot I had already installed the gnome color manager. The first one was without the gnome color manager.

    In addition, something appears to be wrong with colord since I get the following output when I type “darktable-cmstest” in a terminal:

    [email protected] ~ $ darktable-cmstest
     darktable-cmstest version 2.4.3
     this executable was built with colord support enabled
     darktable itself was built with colord support enabled
    couldn't locate primary CRTC!
     CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 0 has no mode or no output, skipping
     CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 2 has no mode or no output, skipping
     CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 3 has no mode or no output, skipping
    HDMI1 the X atom and colord returned different profiles
     X atom: _ICC_PROFILE (498896 bytes)
     description: PL2492H #1 2018-05-08 13-22 D6500 sRGB VF-S XYZLUT+MTX
     colord: "(none)"
     description: (file not found)
    Better check your system setup
     - some monitors reported different profiles
     You may experience inconsistent color rendition between color managed applications
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    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    It’s probably xiccd that is missing.

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