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    Hi great guru) Program first time work but then
    not responding.
    All information in log:

    What’s wrong?


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    Apparently nothing, a white point drift of only 0.2 dE is insignificant.

    I would strongly recommend against running arbitrary programs via sudo though.


    But soft after do nothing. I waited 30 minutes
    but the process is not. And writes “The instrument can be removed from the screen.”
    Profile don’t create.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    It seems dispcal is hanging before it gets to writing out the .cal file. If you open up a system monitor, you should see a zombie dispcal process. End it, and you should find any files in ~/.local/share/dispcalGUI/storage/incomplete. In case a .cal file was generated, you can drag & drop it into dispcalGUI main window to continue where you left off (deactivate “Interactive display adjustment” and set tone curve to “As measured” on the “Calibration” tab to use the existing cal file as a base for profiling).

    I’d also recommend updating to Argyll CMS 1.8, 1.5.1 is very old now.


    Run with tone curve “As measured” but file .cal don’t created and folder “storage” don’t created.
    log in attachments.

    Agryll last version unpacked in “downloads” and in menu program chosen folder “bin” but in list monitors don’t have real monitor, have only “Web & lockalhost, resolv and antethered.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    Please try running the Argyll 1.8 dispcal -v9 -? from a terminal and post the output.


    How i can running dispcal with agryll 1.8?
    I write in terminal “dispcal -v9 -?” but in output “Calibrate a Display, Version 1.5.1
    Pleas write me full command.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    It depends where you have saved it. E.g. /home/yourusername/Downloads/Argyll_V1.8.0/bin/dispcal -v9 -?


    /home/linux/Загрузки/Argyll_V1.8.0/bin/dispcal: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I don’t can search how install this library?

    ps: I have ubuntu 14.04 х64

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    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    I think libssl is part of OpenSSL. You should be able to install it with sudo apt-get install openssl or using Synaptic package manager.


    strangely openssl already installed


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    I only have Ubuntu 15.04 to test unfortunately. It’s working here with Argyll 1.8.2.

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