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    Hello Everyone!
    I’ve got the i1Display-Pro with LG27GL83A-B Monitor (Main Desktop) last week and I would like to ask some experienced people what do You think about the calibration I did and possible tips that could help me with future calibrations (different monitors or recalibration). Problems I had at first 3-5 days was that black were too black (possible black crush) caused eye strain and with 10-bit setting I got some serious sickness/tension feeling in my head. I’ve changed to 8-bit, because on several sites the monitor panel was described as 8-bit+frc not true 10-bit, which could cause the feeling I’ve described. I was studying the calibration techniques for several days straight and Right now the monitor seems to be usable for my eyes compared to previous calibrations with possible wrong calibration settings. I’ve tried to calibrate everything to (industry standard 120cdm2 D65 Gamma2.2)  so I get pretty accurate representation of colors although I’m junior 3D Generalist.

    I Thank anyone in forward that will respond on this topic!

    Everything Required should be attached. If you would like me to attach some additional things let me know I’ll be active as much as I can!

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    Seems fine and grey range (grey color oscillation) seems fine too.

    Anyway, if you are willing to expend some extra time in a detailed XYZLUT profile with a lot of patches… I won’t set calibration speed to fast like you did. Your display seems to behave ok with fast calibration speed but in my experience it is not that common. As a general rule for cheap displays (cheap relative to its segment) I would set calibration speed to medium os slower as default. Slowest option on such low contrast display and a n i1 displaypro is about ~30min for calibration (12+24+48+96 patches in 4 iterations, medium stopst at 48). Then you add profiling time depending on how many patches you choose.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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