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    I have a i1dislay pro and would like to use dispaycal to measure max luminance in SDR, full white, ten percent window.

    Tv is LG CX, this is what I did but not sure about it. I set my colorimeter and picked LG C6 oled for correction. Under display I have it set to untethered. Then I select profiler only and select first pattern, which is white 255 255 255. Im using AVSforum patterns thru bluray player, full white ten percent window.

    I measured and looked at luminance percentage, just increased oled light until it reached 100% ( on profiler). Will this give me 100 nits?

    Looks like this cannot be correct bc it came out to oled light 26. Easy to see after further viewing the whites were not creamy warm paper white. So I put oled light back down to 18, which looks close.

    Is there really no easy simple way to measure an external white window for nits?


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    For single measurements it may be easier to use command line “spotread” or if you wish a GUI use HCFR.


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    Thank you for the help.

    I went ahead and bought LG home last night. Not completely satisfied with it.

    Full whit ten percent window in SDR came out to 91 nits after 3d lut calibration. I went 112 nits pre calibration. The red tracked low about the same amount thru out the whole chart. I attached a pic of post results. Cheap phone, cheap phone camera.

    Oh and autocal measured 112 nits at oled light 26. If I went to oled light 27, it jumped to 116.

    Looks like I ill be going back and forth with Calmans support about a few things.

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