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    Software that comes with colorimeters doesn’t do a very good job.  But luckily there are alternatives.

    I just posted a comment on a YoouTube video directing people to DisplayCal for better results.

    My comment:

    “Not bad software for casual users, however, for excellent results you need to do a calibration\profile utilizing a minimum of 3500 color patches… I’ll never understand why colorimeter companies don’t give the option in their software to use 1000’s of patches… You’ll never be able to extract the full color correcting potential of your X-Rite i1 Display Pro using it’s boxed software. (Especially on monitors and HDTV’s which require more correction than normal to look accurate) … What a shame.

    “X-Rite advertises this unit as ‘professional’ (which it is)  but the boxed software doesn’t allow the user to fully realize just how good this meter really is!”

    “Suggestion for appropriate software: DisplayCal – (Free)”

    I would add that the i1 Display Pro  is also very fast! (compared to the Spyder5.) Which means that you can  use a greater amount of patches in a shorter period of time, (Less chance of instrument\device drift)

    OK, now I feel better, lol.

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