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    I have 2 screenshots here. Does anybody else see a green tint around the toolbar up top on the Nvidia control panel?  Interactive display adjustment said my greens were too low and my reds and blues were too high. So I did a monitor adjustment to bring the reds down to 85 and the blues down to 95, and the greens up to 100, and now there is a tiny green cast to some things.

    Is my monitor messed up or does this Nvidia thing have some green because “team green”?

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    Screenshots are taken before VCGT grey calibration is applied. Also any neutral grey error in monitor won’t be captured by an screenshot.
    So an screenshot is not useful to do what you want because if software were programed to have a color cast, a color picker will show it.

    If you want to test if your display bevahed badly before calibration, just clean calibration and verify against a grey scale testchart. Do not care about gamma errors, take a look on  measured a* & b* values. This will tell you the “tint” in your grey evaluated against its white. I  mean you can have a cian-greensih white, but as long as greys have the same tint (as long as they are neutral in color to its white) you can correct it easily.

    Since nvidias are prone to banding when you correct grey color in VCGT you may have color tints in grey AFTER calibration. It’s nvidias fault (and partially Windows’ too if you use i1Profiler callibration loader or if display goes to standby). Try to enable dithering trick, or use DWMLUT fro calibration which do dither, or do not buy nvidias at all (AMD do dither in VCGT).

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