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    I am a newbie to DisplayCal – just installed it today. I have 3 monitors to calibrate (2 x LG 32UD59-B, 1 x Asus PB238Q), as well as 3 different measurement instruments (Spyder Pro 3, Spyder Pro 5, ColorMunki Photo).

    I am looking to create profiles for each monitor with each instrument, ie. 9 profiles, and compare them with each other as well as other display profiles from DataColor and X-Rite. However, I have noticed that DisplayCal takes quite a long time for calibration. I would like to accelerate the process if possible, by running 3 instances of DisplayCal at a time, one on each monitor and with each instrument. Is this possible, and if so how  ? I’m using Windows 10 x64 .

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