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    Kenneth Evans (@kenneth-evans)
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    I just installed DisplayCAL on two computers.  On one, the Instrument is listed as I1 Display Pro, Colormunki Display as expected. (I have a Colormunki.)  However, on the other it shows as Huey, with no other choices.  It doesn’t appear to matter if I attach the ColorMunki first or not.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it still says Huey.

    I cannot find where I might set this.

    I have not tried a new calibration on the second computer.  I did one on the first, and it worked as expected.

    I previously had 3.3.2 on the first computer and 3.2.3 on the second.  Both computers previously showed the Instrument as I1 Display Pro, Colormunki Display.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Kenneth Evans (@kenneth-evans)
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    Sorry, I found it.  Tools|Detect devices and instruments, with Colormunki plugged in.  Now has second choice : I1 Display pro, Colormunki Display.

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