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    Hello to the Forum

    Sorry if this had already been asked. Had no luck with the search tool.

    I’m using  a Spyder2 to calibrate my monitors, namely a Windows 10 Fujitsu notebook with IPS panel and a IBM P92 CRT connected to an ASUS EAH3650 in Linux environment. The calibration goes straight and the results look good (even if I don’t have a real reference to compare with).

    What I’m still not yet convinced of is the initial manual setting of white balance. With both my screens the Red and Green bars are too low and the Blue bar almost to maximum. No matter how I set the R G B leves of the screen, the bars lenght variations are always mininal and cannot even approach the center arrows. IBM has adjustable Gain and Offset, while on Fuji laptop I experimented with Intel graphic settings, just to try. On the IBM I ended up in setting a white balance of my taste, using as a reference a sheet of white photo paper under a daylight lamp (5000K). On the laptop I just left the native white balance.

    What can cause this behaviour? Could the Spyder2 be defective in some way?

    Thank you for reading


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    Innacurate device, plan an upgrade to an i1d3 from xrite. If you can’t, use visual white point approach until you get a white that looks as expected.

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