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    Dear team, yesterday I made profiles with my ColorMunki Design for iMac 2010 (running 10.10 OS) and iMac 2019 (typical single curve + mtx + BPC for 6500K and 130cdm with some brightness reserve, X-Rite linear ICC has installed, auto brightness and night light were off), and also for MacBook Pro 2014. And I’d got unnecaptable different tints, especially between iMacs: while MacBook was something good, iMac 2010 had some green-yellow tint and iMac 2019 had magenta tint. All these showed good tests (MacBook had some dE>2 for dark saturated patches). The main difference between displays themselves is in spectrum: old one has “hills” for RGB channels (see attachment), new one has peaks (here I clip similar BenQ SW240 graph), MacBook also has “hills” and produces thinner gamut (95% sRGB only), iMac 2010 also has high-glare screen. Me and my colleague checked tints with 4000K WLED-lighted room and in total darkness from different angles: not a visual effect. As I used the same ColorMunki, I only suppose that there could be wrong conversion to L*a*b values for different IPS lighting. I have a couple of examples of profiling different paired displays, and I’d got similar tints there, but all those had modern LED lighting. Do you know this problem and how to resolve it?

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    i1DisplayPro +1nm WLED PFS spectral correction.
    Munki Design is a 10nm spectrophotometer, at 10nm it cannot read properly newer WLED PFS backlight. At 3nm using ArgyllCMS it should improve.

    If you cannot afford a better device right now(i1displaypro), use visual whitepoint editor to match 2019 to 2010 (your visual “reference” for white)

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