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    I have 2 monitors, one which was calibrated using DisplayCal which then created an ICC profile which works in conjunction with iDisplay Profiler and loads up whenever I start my computer.

    Issue: My 2nd monitor which is a CRT was calibrated and generated a profile using the dispwin command prompt. Which generated a .cal profile. Unfortunately, when running the .cal profile using a .bat which contains a cmd command prompt to run it, iDisplayprofiler will allow it momentarily then revert back to it’s original color setting. This means that I can only run 1 profile at a time and in order to run the .cal profile i have to turn off idisplayprofiler completely.

    Noob question: Is there a way for the .cal profile to work simultaneously with the ICC profile in iDisplayProfiler program? The program does not allow .cal profiles so i’m wondering if maybe i can convert the .cal profile to an icc profile for it to be accepted? Note: I no longer have a colorimeter anymore.


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    Try to create a synthetic rec709/sRGB profile with DisplayCAL, then embed your grey calibration (.cal) to that profile using argyll’s “applycal” command line tool.
    Then attach that profile to CRT display on OS using displaycal tray app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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