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    Robert Potter
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    I am in need of a calibration tool but do not want to spend $150 – $500. I tried DisplayCAL about 3 years ago maybe with an old Pantone huey. I guess it did the job although I am not sure I was really happy with it. I assumed the issue was more related to the huey than DisplayCAL – maybe age? Due to my budget constraints I am having to look at older calibration tools without Windows 10 support which brings me back to DisplayCAL. I am curious what everyone else’s experience is using older calibration tools with DisplayCAL? Is there a certain calibrator that DisplayCAL works best with and produces good results? I found a Spyder 3 Express but it doesn’t look much newer than my huey which in a round about way lead me to post this question.


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    You can get good deals on a Colormunki now that it’s being discontinued.


    Dickon Whitehead
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    A Spyder 4 & 5 both worked for me, plus I may be selling one shortly. Was able to test against built in calibrator of Colour Edge CG2420.

    I have just taken the upgrade deal from Datacolor to the Spyder X  just to keep compatibility going forward with changing Mac environment.

    First I test the Spyder X though to make sure its ok.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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