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    I have a Hyundai W240D with PVA (Wide Gammut) Display and a eye one 2. I had calibrated the two alredy when I bought the Ione2 and the problems where the same so I assume the filtes of the i12 have not aged.. My Os are Win10 and Ubuntu. Acutally I am on Ubuntu.

    The problem I think is the wide gammut of the monitor and the lack of correcture in the i12 but as i have to admit do not really understand the conecpt of calibration etc, would you please help me step for step?

    Summary: After calibration colors are reddish-neon, no way near perfect but not to badly off, but definitely off compared to the Facotry settings of the monitor.

    Problem 1: On my i12 CD there are no correction files, I cant find any on the internet

    Problem 2: First step of calibration is setting contrast, brightness and rgb settings. I read not to touch contrast as it leads to clipping. My monitor standard settings are:

    brightness 90

    contrast 90

    Colours: Standard (other possible settings are reddish, blueish and custom).

    On manual the RGB values of the monitor are 80,80, 80.

    White looks perfectly white (evening, low led ambient light)

    So I start calibration (monitor resetted to factory settings) and I get (see attachment “without calibration”).

    Is that already the “offset” of my i12 because of wide gammut or is this a normal starting point?

    Question 2: I know there are icc profiles for my monitor from hyundai, can I use them for something?

    So when I try to  try to raise the Red value i cant reacht the gray bar.

    When I increase green to 76 rgb matches the grey bars.

    my values are

    r 80

    g 76

    b 80

    (lowering green 1-2 points further results in huge jumps of the green bar)

    Result: RGB is green in displaycal, but brithness if over the grey bar.

    Monitor seems to have a light pinkish cast, white seems ok. Darg greys seem ok, light greys a littel pinkish.

    Starting values of the monitors Brightness and Contrast

    are 90 and 83. Lowering Brigthness to 85 bringts the contrast bar to the grey bar (see image2).

    Is that a good starting point for calibration?

    Should the picture already appear without colour cast?


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    as I cant find an edit button, i reply:

    I realize my first screenshot does not show brightness – i think that was because of the screenshot utility greying out the screen, but rgb is like it was.

    So before I do calibration- dont I do something about the contrast? Dont I have to set the black point of the monitor? How do i know

    my blackpoint is ok? Looking at:

    I can barely distinguish square 1 to 5 … Without any ambient light (night) I would say 5 is dark black.

    Should I raise brigthness and instead lower contrast?

    To my eyes the screen seems a little bright, how would I start with a lower candela value?


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    I now started gpick (colour picking util) and tested some areas that appear pink to me:

    #f6f6f6 appears light pink to my eyes (roundcube webmail screen frame)

    #f9f9fa seems pinkish too

    #ffffff is ok

    #7f7f7f is hard to tell, seems a bit into red but i am not sure

    –> Does that mean I better not start calibration because I would loose too much colour space? On windows I did calibration from that pint on, I reached

    ca78% colour room.

    Or should I try to adjust RGB on the monitor to reach neutral greys? But what then?


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    added white

    p.s.: i gave up calibration when I first tried when I bought the i12 because of that reddish tints and stuff and only now I stumbled upon displaycal

    and read about the widegamut-offset and I thought that might have been the problem…

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    it shows all good, but it does not look good, how can that be, i dont get it.

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    Florian Höch
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    i1 2? i1 Display 2? That is a very old instrument (ca. 2004), so unless it is the “Smile” variant, it probably is not suitable for LED backlit LCD displays (these didn’t exist in the era the i1D2 was designed).

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