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    Hello, guys, I’m trying to test my iPhone 11 Pro display and I have some questions. I just want to measure gamut, max brightness, black level, contrast, gamma, white balance and color accuracy. I’m using [email protected] as a display and making profile without Interactive display adjustment. What browser I must use on smartphone?

    In report I can see many of needed data, but can I use Colors Overview for estimate colors accuracy of smartphone display? Strange, but in almost every test I have a problem with several red colors. Is I’m doing something wrong?

    What is nominal value? What it means when measured value differs from nominal value in other graphs (gamma, color temperature)? Can you please watch my report and tell me is this results are normal.

    Thank you.

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    -non color managed browser = check native gamut display, or overall colospace setting like some android amoleds

    -color managed browser = check if device display + factory description of that display (“internal profile”) manages correctly the translation untagged RGB values ([email protected]) to (supposed to be) sRGB content.
    It looks that it is what you tested.


    Umaiza Beck
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