How does ICC and LUT work in unison for color calibration?

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    I’ve been trying to understand the workings of color calibration for a while, but still don’t have a good grasp. Putting aside the scientific aspect (color, light, human color perception, spectral power distribution etc.) how does ICC profile and graphics card LUT work in conjunction to produce the right colors on a display?

    ICC profiles tell color managed applications a display’s behaviour, so the application sends the right RGB values. Then what does the graphics card LUT do?

    This is the best article I’ve come across so far  and this short blurb on quora helped a bit.

    Some monitors seem to have LUT support embedded in them. I’m quite certain that my monitors don’t have that feature, so I’d have to rely on graphics card LUT. Speaking of which, some software seem to let user set a LUT withing the program to transform images? Am I right in asssuming that the software LUT is functionally the same as graphic card LUTs (but only works within the software)?


    Florian Höch
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    The videoLUT is a one-dimensional, three-channel adjustment applied via the graphics card. See difference between calibration and profiling in the documentation.

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