Hi Florian, I had a few ideas that I was hoping you’d consider adding to DCal

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    Hi Florian, I had a few ideas that I was hoping you’d consider adding to DisplayCal. I think you should be able to do it because there are tools in HCFR and it uses ArgyllCMS as well. So why not just use HCFR? Because I like DisplayCal dammit! 🙂

    One thing that I think would be helpful would just be a UI change I think because I noticed it in the “interactive” log file. As you did the interactive part it would show R+ G- B= or even a double — ++. It would be nice if they were shown at the end of the RGB bars in the interactive part, plus a small blurb about what they mean. For example, I wasn’t totally sure if a R+ was telling me that there is to much red, or that I needed more red.

    The 2nd of 4 things I would love to see is a interactive, active, saturation test for at least the primary colours and if possible, the secondary colours as well. Often when I see in a verification report that the red channel is only at 95.3% or whatever, I’m not sure if it’s because of clipping from over-saturation, or under-saturation.

    The 3rd is an active contrast ratio test using however many patches are needed to get a reasonably accurate reading. Obviously you’d have to make a decision on speed of each cycle vs accuracy, but it would help people get a “feel” for their monitor. I know you can do the short reports in the drop down menu, but an interactive tool would be great!

    The 4th and (for now… mwahahaha… ahem) final request are slider bars on the auto-patch sequence option that lets you choose your own neutral and dark region percentage of weight, and if possible, the ability to add a custom set of patches to be run at the end of the auto-patch part that would be included in the profiles “characterization.” If I remember correctly, auto-patch defaults to 20% dark region. I’m guessing neutral is still 50%?

    Anyways, just some thoughts as I wind my way through this journey.

    Thanks for reading!


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