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    Paul Spencer
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    Can anyone advise on the correct way to use DisplayCal with an HDR Monitor? Here’s my setup.

    Latest Nvidia Drivers

    Acer Predator X35 Display (10-bit (8-bit+FRC) / DCI-P3, HDR10, DisplayHDR 1000) Gsync Ultimate

    i1Display Pro Plus colormeter

    Should I have HDR enabled in the Windows Display settings?

    Do I need to set anything in the Nvidia control panel?

    What settings should I select when launching DisplayCal?

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    a) do not use HDR modes. Use SDR modes, profile in one of the widest gamut OSD preset, make LUT3D for HDR and SDR, use those lut3D in madVR or equivalent software

    b) in HDR OSD modes you use HCFR and make very minor tweaks using the OSD options you have in that model (CMS controls etc) so it tacks better PQ. If no such OSD controls… HDR mode is as that and cannot change that.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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