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    Good evening . I would like some help with my monitor . I have a spyder5 and a x27 HDR monitor . In some games , for example in destiny 2 , HDR is unplayable because of extreme black crush which in turn amplifies blooming ( since i see a black image and a white crosshair on  it ) . My monitor does not have the black crush bug that early versions of it had when they were running at 144 hz so it all comes to factory calibration . The settings in HDR , esp. gamma and brightness are locked . My question is …. Can i create a 3d Lut and use it with reshade in HDR and fix the black crush in these games which of course will also improve blooming because of the different gamma curve , without too much washing out the image? And if that is possible how could i do this ? In contrast HDR in my recently purchased q85r is quite different in the same content . There is no black crush and i see so much more detail in black scenes and because of that i also see less blooming since i do not have completely blacked out scenes . I would appreciate any help .

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