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    before I’m gonna buy the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, I wanted to check how things work in regards to calibration with DisplayCAL. I currently have a ColorChecker Display Pro which is a newer rebranding of the i1Display Pro from X-Rite.

    My questions are:

    1. Is there even a need for calibrating a monitor that is advertised with such a high HDR range? Would you recommend it?
    2. Is the Neo G9 even calibratable this way since it’s curved?
    3. The Neo G9 comes with “HDR 2000”. How do I go about calibrating HDR? Should I calibrate with HDR on or with SDR enabled? How do I get the full potential of a displaycal-calibrated HDR monitor?
    4. Is my ColorChecker Display Pro good enough for calibrating HDR monitors or do I really have to upgrade to the ColorChecker Display Plus (since only the latter is specifically advertised for calibrating HDR displays)?

    Thank you for your help!

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    1-On SDR yes, like any other display. For HDR OSD modes it is unlikely that you can modify most of the transformation fromn  Rec2020 PQ to native panel capabilities… maybe fix white and maybe TRC, but IDNK OSD features in that Samsung display.

    2-Yes, place it on center, i1d3 is narrow and should not leave leaks. If it does measure on a dark enviroment.

    3- Read 1, you can try Ledoge’s DWMLUT for HDR, ask in its thread here.

    4-Up to 1000nit it whould be accurate as long as you provie the proper colorimeter correction for that display (IDNK  which led type). From that upwards it is not certified, it will work but measurements may have an error.
    Since both Pro an Plus will masure innacurately unless you apply the the proper colorimeter correction I’ll will center on that. Get an good SDR calibration using full native gamut as general purpose ICC for color managed apps and once you master it you can aim higher.
    If it is some of these 90% P3 displays it may be a QLED (use QLED TV correction from DisplayCAL bundle) or some WLED PFS phosphor variant. IDNK, try QLED first. You’ll need a spectral power distribution sample /2d plot to be sure. Try googling.

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