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    Charles Camaro
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    I would like to know if anyone had figured out a way to extract the individual measurements taken by the display colorimeters (or found a way to use the devices as a meter), e.g. each measurements taken during calibration.

    My interests are not in calibrating displays, but the price points of the spyderX and i1 pro make them difficult to ignore given what they can do (compared to reg. colorimeters that cost ~10x more).

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    IDNK what you are trying to do…

    I guess that you want to get an SpyderX due its lower price, get a 2nd hand i1Pro spectrophotometer and use i1Pro to correct SpyderX. Is my guess right?
    If you want to do that create a CCMX correction with that i1Pro for your SpyderX and each display you measure (1 display x 1 Spyder = 1 CCMX, 3 displays & 2 spyders => 6 CCMX).

    If my guess is wrong and you just want to get individual measurements from some point in screen use ArgyllCMS “spotread” command.

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    Charles Camaro
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    Hi Vincent,

    I am indeed only interested in getting individual color measurements from some regions of a display (i.e. spot measurements).

    Thank you for the advice regarding ArgyllCMS. I’d love to hear what people’s experiences have been using the ArgyllPro colormeter app with something like an i1 pro.

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