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    I have an error when calibrating my new screen: new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’

    I ordered a screen and after a little problem, I received a new one (the same) so I would like to calibrate it. It worked for the first one but it doesn’t work anymore. I use a SpyderX and it’s well working.

    I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 and here are the logs:

    12:58:51,997 Detecting output levels range…
    12:58:52,005 DisplayCAL: Inhibited org.gnome.SessionManager
    12:58:52,007 ——————————————————————————–
    12:58:52,007 Session log: 0_16
    12:58:52,008 Répertoire de travail :
    12:58:52,009 /
    12:58:52,009 tmp/
    12:58:52,009 DisplayCAL-9Je_wz/
    12:58:52,010 Ligne de commandes :
    12:58:52,010 /home/apraga/.local/share/DisplayCAL/dl/Argyll_V2.1.2/bin/dispread
    12:58:52,010 -v
    12:58:52,011 -k
    12:58:52,011 /usr/share/DisplayCAL/
    12:58:52,011 -d1
    12:58:52,011 -c1
    12:58:52,012 -yl
    12:58:52,012 -P0.492317969272,0.769745649264,1.11609498681
    12:58:52,012 0_16
    12:58:52,022 DisplayCAL: Starting interaction with subprocess
    12:58:55,625 Number of patches = 3
    12:58:55,632 Setting up the instrument
    12:59:01,132 dispread: Error – new_disprd failed with ‘Instrument Access Failed’
    12:59:01,142 DisplayCAL: Reached EOF (OK)
    12:59:01,244 dispread exitcode: 1
    12:59:01,245 … interrompu.
    12:59:01,255 DisplayCAL: Uninhibited org.gnome.SessionManager

    I tried another USB port and a reboot but same problem. I didn’t change anything about DisplayCAL or ArgyllCMS and the SpyderX is well displayed in the device list.

    Thank you for your help 🙂

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