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    Hi all, I have done my homework to degree my novice understanding of the subject allows, I read all threads on Eizo monitors here, including the “definitive guide for Eizo CG2420” + Wiki and I still have lot of doubts how to properly calibrate my Eizo CS2740.

    • Since it is Hardware Calibrated with internally kept 3D Lut – I understand I should not calibrate it with DisplayCal and leave CN7 to do that.
    • It is advised though to create 3D LUT using DisplayCal and apply it to Davinci Resolve. If I turn ‘interactive calibration’ off DisplayCal automatically switches to  Profiling with remark that it is going to be linear – is this a desired state for me?

    I am looking to achieve REC.709 standard.

    Setup: Windows10, RTX2060, i1 Display PRO, Eizo 2740.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    AFAIK it uses a lut-matrix-lut fro HW calibration like cheaper counterparts from Dell, Benq…, but on a superb uniform panel (it’s an Eizo after all).

    A lut-matrix-lut is a simplification about ideal behavir when simulating smaller colorspaces like sRGB.

    A simple but working appoach will be create a calibration with CN7 (Simulate Rec709 rpimaries), validate it in DisplayCAL against your target (use simulation profile + use simulation profile as display profile). If it is good use HW cal only.

    A more versatile aproach is to use CN7 to calibrate to native gamut but target white (D65) then make LUT3D with DisplayCAL and apply that LUT3D on resolve. 1 HW cal, several LUT3D simulation whatever colorspace you want.

    If you are going to keep CN7 calibrated white make LUT3D realtive colorimetric instead of absolute. Also check which backlight has that monitor if measuring with colorimeter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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